What Is the Best Way to Use a Video Camera?

Keep an eye on the Zoom

In general, you should restrict the length of time you zoom in and out when shooting a video, although many beginner camcorder users zoom in and out all the time. Because of the frequent movement, video recorded in this manner usually makes viewers nauseated. It’s a good idea to use the zoom on your camcorder, but only when necessary. Slow, steady zoom into a subject is usually considerably more enjoyable to watch than a fast zoom into a topic.

Optical and digital zoom is available on most camcorders. Your camcorder’s digital zoom enlarges individual pixels in your footage rather than bringing you closer to your subject. What’s the result? The majority of footage taken with a digital zoom appears distorted. If your camcorder has a digital zoom, you should utilize it as little as possible. You might even want to turn it off so you don’t use it while recording. Camcorders will improve the quality of your videos significantly.

Leave out the special effects.

Most camcorders now include some built-in effects. While wipes and fades might look excellent in your finished video, it’s best to add them after you’ve finished shooting in a video editing program. If you apply effects while firing, you’ll be stuck with them for the rest of your life. If you hit your child’s birthday celebration in black and white, for example, you’ll never be able to watch it in color. If you use a video editing application to add the back and white, you may easily remove it if you prefer to paint.

Turn the Lights On

Camcorders have a hard time recording video in low-light situations. Turn on more lights if you can do so where you are. The brighter the environment in which you’re recording, the better. In varied lighting circumstances, white balancing your camcorder can also aid. Consider doing that whenever you use your camcorder in different lighting situations or rooms.

Make a second video

When you hit the record button on most camcorders, it takes a few seconds for the recording to begin. As a result, give yourself a second or two after you start recording before starting to record a subject or an event. Allow yourself a few seconds after an event has ended before stopping recording. It’s much better to have too much video and edit out the parts you don’t want at the end of the day than to have too little.


When it comes to recording audio, most built-in camcorder mics are pretty bad. Consider acquiring a miniature lavaliere microphone if you have a way to plug one into your camcorder. A lavaliere is a tiny microphone that attaches to your subject’s clothing and improves the sound quality of your recording. They are usually reasonably priced and well worth the investment in terms of improved audio quality.


A lot of videos are filmed in safe environments, but some extreme sports or events can involve fire scenes in order to add excitement to the stunts. Ensuring that you’re safe as well as a great video is produced is important, so ensuring you have something on hand like small powder fire extinguishers can be great to avoid a disaster ruining your film day.

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